Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1956

The Gun Digest 10th Anniversary Edition – 1956

 Table of Contents
Manana Land Mallards, Joe Mears 2
Lucky Bwana, Herb Klein 6
Gunfighters in Texas, Charles Askins 11
A Pair of Sixes, Warren Page 18
Battle of the Automatics, John T. Amber 22
Crack Rifle Maker, Jack O'Connor 25
The First Winchester, John Parsons 29
Hand Cannon to Flintlock, Tage Lasson 33
High-Velocity Cartridges, Dick Simmons 41
Inset Checkering, Gerald R. Hunter 46
A Boy and His Gun, Gerald R. Hunter 50
Gun Engraving, Edw. C. Prudhomme 52
Special Delivery Deer, Frank Floss 58
Trajectory Sighting In, A. W. Kabernagel 61
I'm Ready For Them Now, Warren Sipe 66
Hunting The High Alps, Harold Glassen 68
The N. M. L. R. A., R. O. Ackerman 74
I Choose a Rifle, Paul Mathews 78
Gunning For Greys, Don Shiner 84
Rifles For Wilderness Lovers, Townsend Whelen 88
Union Metallic Cartridge Co.-1871 93
Ad Topperwein, Charles Askins 97
The Rifle in Suburbia, Henry Stebbins 101
Waterfowl Shooting, O. I. Sprungman 105
Browning's First Rifle, Lou Ostendorp 109
Wildcats Are Tough, Joe Van Wormer 116
The Double Rifle, Peyton Autry 119
Proof in Germany, A. Engelhardt 126
Mauser-Loewe Catalog, 1891 135
The Potent 35 Whelen, Hal Stephens 150
Magnum Shotshells, Warren Page 152
American Rifles, 1955-1956, J. S. Hatcher 158
Custom Guns, John T. Amber 180
Handguns in America, 1955-1956, J. S. Hatcher 188
Kitchen-Sink Handloads, Jerald Teesdale 203
What's New in Shotguns Today?, J. S. Hatcher 207
Exploded Drawings, Shelley Braverman 231
American Rifles, models and prices 165
Custom Guns 183
American Handguns, models and prices 194
American Shotguns, models and prices 211
Choke Devices, with prices 221
Foreign Arms in America 222
Ballistic Tables, with prices 255
Foreign Cartridges, with prices 259
Scopes & Mounts, with prices 261
Metallic Sights, with prices 267
Reloading Tools, with prices 273
Arms Associations 277
Contributors 278
Gun Book Reviews 279
Directory 285
Catlin & Remington Pictures 149
Shotgun Powders 156
Old Colt Pictures 164
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