Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1952

The Gun Digest 6th edition – 1952

 Table of Contents
Rifle Section
Tips on Big Game Shooting, Jack O'Connor 2
Rifles and Shotguns of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher 6
Big Game Rifles, models and prices 11
Notes on the Hunting Rifle, Col. Townsend Whelen 19
Weather or Not 23
Small Bore Rifles, models and prices 24
Bench Rest Shooting: What Is It, and Why, Col. Townsend Whelen 36
Its History, Raymond M. Biehler 37
Collecting Single Shot Rifles, James J. Grant 39
The Hauck Falling-Block Action, Col. Townsend Whelen 42
Whitney Arms Catalog, 1878 43
Shotgun Section
The Swing to the Single Barrel, Warren Page 55
Toepperwein Retires 59
Ancestors of the Clay Pigeon, Bill Depperman 60
ABC's for Sportsmen 62
Shotguns, models and prices 63
Cleaning, Carrying, and Storing Your Guns, Elmer Keith 73
Shotgun Choke and Pattern, Jack O'Connor 75
Choke Devices, models and prices 79
Shot Shell Chart, with prices 80
Handgun Section
Handguns Today, Charles Askins 81
America's First Cartridge Revolver, Herschel C. Logan 84
“Exploded” Drawings of Walther, Mauser, Luger, Colt Handguns 87
Turning the Single Action Colts, Laurence J. Hathaway 91
Pistols and Revolvers, models and prices 94
Shooting the Muzzle Loaders, John Barsotti 102
Sixguns, Elmer Keith 107
Cartridge Colts, a Catalog Page, 1897 111
Foreign Firearms
The Weapons of Soviet Russia, Roger Marsh 112
British Double and Single Rifles, Elmer Keith 120
Some Notes on Mauser and Mannlicher Rifles, James E. Fitzgerald 126
Foreign Arms, models and prices 128
Special Articles
A Wheellock Sporting Rifle in the George F. Harding Museum in Chicago, Stephen V. Crancsay 134
How to Shoot the M1 139
It Ain't So, Mac – Warren Page 145
Gun Engraving, Bruce Grant 150
I Hunted Illegal Deer, Phil Sharpe 154
The Izaak Walton League Is Fighting for You, Robert O. Beatty 158
The National Rifle Association, Paul B. Cardinal 160
Chronographs and Their Use, with prices 161
Handloading Section
Reloading Tools, with prices 163
Tools for Making Jacketed Bullets, with prices 166
Casting Lead Alloy Bullets, Col. Townsend Whelen 169
Winchester's “Forgotten” Cartridges, 1866-1900 – Paul Foster 172
Are Ballistics Necessary? – Phil Sharpe 178
Ammunition Guide, Maurice H. Decker 182
Foreign Cartridges, with prices 194
Ballistic Tables, with prices 196
Sights – Telescope and Metallic
The Telescope Sight for Bench Rest Shooting, Gene Hudgins 200
Telescope Sights – A Review 202
Scope Chart, with prices 206
Scope Mounts, with prices 208
Spotting Scopes, with prices 210
Metallic Sight Chart, with prices 211
Gun Book Reviews 217
Contributors 220
Manufacturer's Directory 222
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