Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1951


The Gun Digest 1951 Table of Contents

Rifle Section
Rifles and Shotguns of American Make, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher 2
Choosing the Big Game Rifle, Jack O'Connor 7
High Velocity vs. Heavy Bullets: Killing Power – Roy E. Weatherby 12
Pumpkin Rolling, Elmer Keith 13
The Story of Winchester, Harold F. Williamson 18
Big Game Rifles, models and prices 23
Custom Rifle Conversions – Charles T. Haven 32
Gilt Edge Rifles and Ammunition, Col. Townsend Whelen 39
The National Rifle Association, Paul B. Cardinal 44
The Rifle, Vol. I, No. 1 47
Woodchuck Rifles and Cartridges, C. S. Landis 53
Small Bore Rifles, models and prices 57
Black Powder Rifles in Pennsylvania, E. Stanley Smith 70
Single Shot Rifles 78
Shotgun Section
The Upland Game Gun, Bill Ryan 83
Choosing the Trap and Skeet Gun, Jimmy Robinson 86
Skeet, the Yearlong Shooting Game, Charles Askins 90
Ducks Unlimited, Wendell A. Teague 91
Duck Guns, Loads and Chokes, H. M. Salisbury 93
The Story of the Shotgun Choke, A. G. Ormsbee 98
Models and prices 99
Shotguns, models and prices 101
Handgun Section
Handguns Today, Charles Askins 112
The Peacemaker and Its Rivals, John E. Parsons 117
Pistols and Revolvers, models and prices 121
The Secrets of Double Action Shooting, Bob Nichols 128
Foreign Firearms
Military Small Arms 131
Foreign Guns: GI Souvenirs, Phil Sharpe 136
Foreign Sporting Arms, Charles T. Haven 140
Recent Importations 143
Foreign Arms in America, with prices 144
Special Articles
The Arms Collector and His Field, Ray Riling 149
Outfitting for the Rockies, Jack O'Connor 152
A Gunbug's Paradise, Phil Sharpe 158
Chronographs and Their Use 162
Gun Care, Repair and Bluing, Maurice H. Decker 164
* The Story of Winchester 18
* Black Powder Rifles in Pennsylvania 70
* Single Shot Rifles 78
* The Peacemaker and Its Rivals 117
* Bullet Making 172
* Modern Gunpowders 181
* Loading the Charcoal Burners 186
* Maynard Cartridges 188
Handloading Section
The Art of Handloading Ammunition, Phil Sharpe 168
Bullet Making, Sam Clark, Jr. 172
Bullet Making Tools, with prices 175
Reloading Tools, with prices 177
Modern Gunpowders, Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher 181
Loading the Charcoal Burners, E. M. Farris 186
Maynard Cartridges 188
Ammunition Guide, Maurice H. Decker 190
Ballistic Tables, with prices 202
Foreign Cartridges, with prices 204
Sights – Telescope and Metallic
Telescope Sights, A Review 206
Scope Chart, with prices 210
Scope Mounts, with prices 212
Spotting Scopes, with prices 214
Metallic Sight Chart, with prices 215
Sighting in the Rifle 221
Manufacturers' Directory 223
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