Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1949

The Gun Digest 4th Annual (1949) Edition

 Table of Contents
Rifle Roundup, by Dick Simmons 4
High Power Rifles, Illustrated 12
From Military To Sporter by Charles T. Haven 20
Competitive Rifle and Pistol Shooting, by J. A. Harper 27
22 Caliber Rifles, Illustrated 29
How To Shoot A Target Rifle, by C. M. Palmer, Jr. 43
Selecting the Proper Shotguns For Trap and Skeet, by Jimmy Robinson 49
Shotguns and Loads For Upland Shooting, by John Alden Knight 53
The Right Gun For Duck Shooting, by H. M. Salisbury 57
Making Your Decoys Pay Off 62
Shotguns, Illustrated 64
Trap and Skeet Guns, Illustrated 77
Handgun Facts, by Major Charles Askins, Jr. 80
Revolvers and Pistols, Illustrated 85
Military Small Arms, Illustrated 94
Take Care Of Your Guns, by Maurice Decker 100
Accessories For Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun 104
Scope and Mount Review, by Claude Parmelee 110
Metallic Sight Charts 122
Sighting in the Deer Rifle 127
European Military Cartridges 129
Ammunition Guide, by Maurice Decker 131
Ballistric Tables 144
Rifle Sighting Tables 145
How Hunters Can Shoot More Accurately 146
Shotgun Velocity, Pattern and Shot Charts 147
Reloading Ammunition, by Earl Naramore 148
Discontinued Models, by Charles Edward Chapel 151
Index to Manufacturers 162
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