Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1944

1944 Gun Digest Table of Contents

The Gun Digest 1944 First Annual Edition
Our Small Arms and Their Makers 4
Choosing The Big Game Rifle 15
High Power Rifles 19
Field Repairs For The Big Game Hunter 23
Small Game and Varmint Hunting 26
.22 Caliber Rifles 30
Selecting and Shooting a Target Rifle 45
Military Small Arms of World War II 55
Military Cartridge Development 59
Upland Guns and Loads 62
How To Call and Hunt Quail Without a Dog 66
The Fowling Piece 68
Tips on Decoying 72
Flyways of North America 77
Shotguns For Field and Waterfowl Shooting 78
Trap and Skeet Shooting 94
Shotguns – Trap and Skeet 98
Guns Will Last a Lifetime 104
Dressing and Preparing Game For The Table 106
Choosing A Handgun and Learning To Shoot It 109
Pistols and Revolvers 115
Ballistic Tables For Rifle and Revolver Ammunition 128
Rifle Sighting Tables 135
Sights, Scopes, Mounts, Binoculars, Special Chokes 138
Gun Questions and Answers 156
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