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New Guns: Savage Releases Two Accuracy-Enhanced Rascal Rifles

Featuring heavy barrels and a number of other enhancements, the Rascal Target and FV-SR look to own the bullseye.

How Savage is rounding out its Rascal line:

Of all the thrills in life, there are few that come close to those first shots you ever take with a gun. The nerves of trying to do everything the way you were taught. The crack of the rifle as the pin strikes and the thrill of seeing a can tumble or the target printed that first time — it's Christmas and getting your driver's license all wrapped up in one.


Chances are, your right of passage was like many other Americans and was done behind the business end of a single-shot .22 rifle. And in the contemporary era, the Savage Rascal is a popular choice on which new shooters can cut their teeth. Accurate, simple, safe — it's just about the perfect training tool and about as much fun as should be legal.

Savage continues to build off the success of this nifty line of little rimfires, introducing two new models to the Rascal family — the Rascal FV-SR and the Rascal Target. The rifles keep much of what has made the line popular in the first place, but enhances in ways that should make these little gems lights out tack tappers.

The Rascal Target ($314 MSRP) is the more curious of the two new rifles, given it's designed to fit adult shooters with its full-sized stock. The hardwood stock is also a break from the company's earlier models, given it's enhanced for precision shooting with a pistol grip and a flat forend for more stability when shooting off sandbags. Going a bit further, Savage also mated the Rascal action to 16.125-inch a heavy barrel, target crowned and with a 1/2-28 TPI threaded muzzle. In addition to putting the rifle's accuracy potential through the roof, the heavy barrel should also make recoil nearly non-existent.


Savage also offers the Rascal Target XP ($399 MSRP), which has all the amenities of the Target model, but also comes with a 4x32mm scope as well as a bipod sling swivel mount.

The Rascal FV-SR ($219 MSRP) stays true to the line's roots and is aimed at young shooters. But it arms them with a rifle that should get them on target posthaste, with an accuracy optimizing heavy barrel. Savage gives few specs about on this feature, other than its 1/2-28 TPI threaded muzzle, but it certainly appears a solid upgrade for adolescents just dying to knock the bullseye out.

Savage’s new rimfires can shoot 22 Short, 22 Long or 22 Long Rifle ammunition. The single-shot rifles feature Savage’s user-adjustable Accu-Trigger system. Like the original, they cock by lifting the bolt and unload easily — without pulling the trigger.

For more information on Savage's new rimfire rifles, please visit:

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