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Taylor’s & Company Releases TC86 Takedown Lever-Action Rifle

Classic aesthetics combined with modern features make the TC86 Takedown as handsome as it is handy.

TC86 Features:

Taylor’s & Company are all about the classics. With a primary focus on Old West designs, many of their guns are imported from Italy where an entire industry has been built around reproducing historical American firearms. The TC86 is the newest to be imported by Taylor’s & Company and was made by Chiappa.

Chiappa makes beautiful historical reproductions as well as functional hunting rifles, but the TC86 Takedown was designed to do both at the same time. Based on the famous Winchester 1886 designed by John Browning, the TC86 Takedown was built using modern machining and construction techniques to ensure it performs to modern standards despite being a nearly 150-year-old design.

With a case-hardened receiver, blued-metal finish and checkered walnut hardwood stock, the TC86 takedown is pretty enough to be a safe-queen, but that’s not what it was designed for. It was designed to be carried and shot, which is why it was given several practical features that are anachronistic to the rifle's 19th-century design. Rear peep sight and fiber-optic front post provide some of the best irons you can find on a lever-action, but if that isn’t good enough it also has a Weaver rail for mounting optics. Its muzzle has also been threaded 5/8×24 for mounting suppressors. Some old-school “tactical features” also found on the TC86 include a big loop lever and the ability to break the rifle down into two pieces for easier transport.

The Winchester 1886 was built tough from the start to accommodate the largest black powder cartridges of its day, but it was so durable that only small changes were required for it to handle the higher pressures of smokeless powder. The TC86 Takedown is similarly overbuilt, designed to handle any modern .45-70 gov’t load. With a TC86 you could be the classiest hunter on the trail, but with an MSRP of $1,839.86 hopefully, you aren’t afraid of scratching it.

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