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First Look: Stag Arms Pursuit Bolt-Action Rifles

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Stag Arms is branching out into bolt-actions with the release of the Pursuit bolt-action rifle series.

Stag Arms is a company known for its precision ARs, but now it’s expanding into bolt-action rifles with the release of the Pursuit series. Initially available in nine configurations, Stag Arms promises that the rifle will elevate your shooting experience regardless of your pursuit, whether that be hunting, competing or anything else.

Based on the Remington 700 Short Action platform, Stag Arms Pursuit rifles are being offered in .308 Winchester with an 18-inch barrel, 6.5 Creedmoor with a 20-inch barrel and 6.5 PRC with a 22-inch barrel. Regardless of your preferred chambering, all models feature sporter fluted 416 stainless steel barrels and are sub-MOA guaranteed when using match ammunition. To further aid in accuracy, all models also ship with an adjustable single-stage TriggerTech Primary trigger.

As for the Stag Arms Pursuit rifles’ furniture, it’s a 3-piece chassis system that’s available in three colors including black, tan and OD green. The stock’s length of pull and cheek riser height are adjustable, and the stock can be quickly removed without tools for transport or storage. Throughout the rifle you will also find a 20-MOA biased rail on the action for mounting an optic, integrated QD cups, a Picatinny spigot, an attachable bag rider and a threaded muzzle. The guns are also AICS/AWS compatible, and each will ship with a Magpul magazine as well as a ½ Arca Swiss plate.

All nine variants of the Stag Arms Pursuit rifle are available now and have an MSRP of $1,899.99.  

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