Stevens Introduces its First Semiautomatic Shotgun

The Stevens S1200 gives shooter an entry-level option in inertia-driven shotguns.
The Stevens S1200 gives shooter an entry-level option in inertia-driven shotguns.

Given its long history manufacturing shotguns, Stevens has produced nearly every conceivable shape and size of smoothbore. But the subsidiary of Savage Arms has surprisingly broken new ground this year.

The Massachusetts gun maker has introduced its first semiautomatic shotgun at 2016 SHOT Show, the Stevens S1200. And it appears to be quite an inaugural project for the company, with Stevens outfitting the shotgun with a style of action growing in popularity. The S1200 boasts an inertia-driven action, a system that utilized the recoil of the gun to cycle shells.

Going this route allowed Stevens to build a slender and light field gun that shouldn’t be a burden humping over corn or wheat stubble. At 6.6 pounds, the S1200 certainly appears to be that, but its lightweight doesn’t look to be its only selling point.

The 12-gauge also slender in price with Stevens slapping a $573 MSRP on the base model (black synthetic stock). This could prove to be a bit of a coup by the company, given its new scattergun’s price tag is near the basement of inertia-driven guns.

The S1200 is outfitted with a 3-inch chamber, is available with a 26- or 28-inch barrel and has a 14.25-inch length of pull. It is compatible with Beretta’s Mobilchokes and has a 5+1 capacity.

The shotgun is available with a black synthetic finish in both its 26- and 28-inch barrels. The gun is also available with a walnut or Mossy Oak camouflage stock, but only with the 28-inch barrel. The camo finish has an MSRP of $629 and the walnut stock $685.


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