Stevens is offering youth and adult models of its 20-gauge 320 pump shotgun.
Stevens is offering youth and adult models of its 20-gauge 320 pump shotgun.

Stevens’ 320 line has carved a niche in the firearms world as a versatile and economical choice in pump shotguns.

With a number of configurations and options, the polymer-stocked smooth bores can tackle nearly any job. The Chinese-made guns are as adept in the field as they are in a home-defense situation. And the line could soon earn a few new devotees with its recent expansion.

Recently, Stevens opened the 12-gauge exclusive 320 line to include 20-gauge models. And like the earlier iterations, the Massachusetts-based subsidiary of Savage Arms is shooting to fill nearly every conceivable need with its smaller bore scatter guns.

In all, Stevens is releasing four new 320s — two field models and two aimed at defensive duty.

The Security Models follow a recent trend of more defensive options being offered in 20-gauge. This makes sense, as the smaller bore opens up this style of firearm to those who may be too recoil-sensitive to get behind a 12-gauge.

Stevens 320 20-gauge Security Model pump shotgun.
Stevens 320 20-gauge Security Model pump shotgun.

Stevens is offering the pistol-grip Security Model with two different aiming solutions — traditional front bead and ghost ring. There is, on the other hand, a bit more distinction between the two Field Grade Models with a 26-inch version and a 22-inch youth model.

While the additions aren’t carbon copies of each other, they do have some common features, including:

  • Dual slide bars
  • Rotary bolt
  • Winchester Choke Threads
  • Synthetic stock
  • Five-plus-one capacity

Presently, the MSRP on the 20-gauge pump shotguns is $235 for the Field Grade Models and $260 on the Security Models.


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