The Haugen Handgun Leather crossdraw holster offers excellent fit and finish and good design, all we may ask.
The Haugen Handgun Leather crossdraw holster offers excellent fit and finish and good design, all we may ask.

I have also tested a number of personal defense and service loads. A number of new loadings have proven their mettle in the Kimber. Winchester’s new 230-grain Bonded Core load was adopted for service by the FBI and naturally we were all greedily wanting to test this one. The load demonstrates excellent quality control and a good balance of expansion and penetration. Another load has given me pause and a bit of a surprise. Black Hills has introduced a 185-grain +P load using the Barnes all copper TAC bullet. This is a brilliantly accurate loading and one that has proven completely reliable in feeding. There is little excuse for not carrying first rate ammo in your .45 as there is much available.

There are few handguns as consistently accurate as the Kimber Gold Combat. Like all quality handguns, the Gold Combat prefers one load to the other but the results are often very consistent. The only handgun I own as consistently accurate is a target pistol with a stylized Gold Cup on the slide. Enough said on the subject of accuracy.  If you would like to own a well made 1911 that will challenge any shooter to perform at his highest level this is the pistol.


Since I have tested this handgun during the winter months, I adopted a crossdraw holster for under the jacket carry; the Huntington Wedge from Haugen Handgun Leather. Maker, Jerry Evans, has given excellent service for several years. When seated or driving the crossdraw is more accessible than any other and a very versatile design. The Haugen holster is a quality type with much to recommend.

This is a great combination, worthy of protecting all that you hold dear. If you carry a gun for defense, many have said you should always carry the best gun you can afford. The Kimber Gold Combat falls into that category.

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  1. The review was an excellent defense of the M1911A1 and the improvements that gun makers such as Kimber have made to the venerable pistol. Kimber, Caspian and others have engineered sturdier pistols without doing anything, at least in my opinion, that would cause JMB to roll over in his grave.

    The first time I got my hands on a 1911, after people told me I could never handle it, I fell in love. I now have three, a government model and an officers’ model and soon will have a custom built CCO.