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Your View: What Do You Think About Gunfights?

This might be the distance of a rapid encounter, but this is not how you want to engage in a gunfight.

There seems to be raging debate in the concealed carry crowd about gunfights. First of all, does everyone understand that real gunfights are not like you see in the movies? Do you get the whole three rounds, three seconds, three yards dynamic? Things happen quickly. You have to move, draw your concealed carry handgun from a holster, engage, deal with police, witnesses, EMS.  Let's face it there is a lot going on.

But I ask this hoping to get a response. What is the goal? Is your goal to shoot the other guy? Or is your goal to not get shot?  So tell me how you win a gunfight. Do you shoot the other guy or do you make sure you don't get shot?  Let's hear it.

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