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What Do You Think About the President’s Gun Plan?

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What is an AR-15?
Is this an assault weapon? How many cartridges are in that magazine? Is Patrick Sweeney angry or just concentrating? Is it possible to even tell by a quick glance at a photo? The answers can be found below.


On Jan. 16, President Barack Obama unveiled 23 executive orders and a four-point legislative plan as part of a package of gun control measures. They reflected the results of firearms discussions led by the White House after the Sandy Hook mass murders. The firearms community hasn't stopped talking since, and neither have many people normally unfamiliar with guns. It seems everyone has an opinion. Living Ready wants to help sort fact from fiction.

Living Ready, which originally was a special edition of Gun Digest, doesn't deal much with opinions. It deals in hard information. Unfortunately, inarguable information is lacking in this gun law discussion.

Muddying the waters are terms like “assault weapon” and “high-capacity magazine,” which lack consistent definitions and leave much up to interpretation or manipulation. These words are bantered about by politicians, advocacy groups, everyday folks and, yes, even firearms enthusiasts. That these opaque terms are woven into laws should disturb anyone desiring government transparency.

Living Ready was founded on a mission of clear-cut education. From bug-out bags and home survival kits to backup generators and growing food, there is no room for obscurity when lives are on the line. Only rock-solid information matters. The rest is just noise.

The same goes with the firearms discussion. Gun owners, Second Amendment advocates, gun control groups, lawmakers, law enforcement, firearm collectors, dealers, retailers and people who have never even touched a gun all owe it to themselves to be informed before drawing any conclusions. Living Ready recommends these books for the best information anywhere on these topics.

* Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Series SetFact or fiction: “AR stands for assault rifle.” Answer: Fiction. It actually stands for “Armalite.” That's just one of the many misconceptions about the AR-15, the much-maligned “assault weapon” referenced by politicians and pundits. Is it a killing machine or a rifle with practical applications? Expert Patrick Sweeney dives into AR-15s like no one else in this four-book set.



* Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry, 2nd EditionFact or fiction: “There are people walking around armed every day and you'd never know it.” Answer: Fact. Massad Ayoob, arguably the world's foremost firearms instructor, makes the case for why concealed carry is not nearly as scary as knee-jerk reactions would have you believe. There are sound reasons why an everyday person would carry a concealed firearm. Ayoob explains them with a clarity only his decades of experience can provide.



* Glock DeconstructedFact or fiction: “Glock is another term for handgun.” Answer: Fiction. It is not a substitute for any handgun. It's a brand, and an important one at that. Author Patrick Sweeney takes a look at this influential handgun company and its renowned products.



* Self-Defense Bundle (Armed for Personal Defense, Personal Defense for Women, Gun Digest Book of Personal Protection & Home Defense) – Fact or fiction: “The police will always be there when you need them.” Answer: Fiction. This three-book bundle explores that answer with a slate face. No macho stuff here. This is practical, pertinent information for protecting life and limb.



* The Cartridge Comparison GuideFact or fiction: “No one needs more than one bullet in their clip.” Answer: Fiction. Also, they're called cartridges, and they usually go in magazines. There are many characteristics to ammunition. Understanding these traits will provide a better view on how to legislate magazine capacities. Even the United States Fish & Wildlife Service agrees that author Andrew Chamberlain offers a “gold mine of information” in this book.



Your Turn: Tell Living Ready What You Think

Has talk of new gun regulations changed the way you look at preparedness? Living Ready wants to hear your views. Leave a comment below.

Intelligent discussion only. That means if you make a statement, provide evidence for it. Be polite ladies and gentlemen about it. Personal attacks only encourage opposing opinions to yell louder. These issues are too important to get lost in inflammatory rhetoric.

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