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Fix It Sticks Kits Keep Nearly Any Gun Running Like A Top

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Fix It Stick 3-Gun Kit
Fix It Stick 3-Gun Kit

Fix It Sticks introduces competition-inspired 3-Gun and Long-Range kits, giving shooters the tools to troubleshoot their guns anywhere.

Drive around without a jack or jumper cables you’re courting fate. Not the good kind either. The dusty backroad variety, in the middle of the night, without a gas station or house light on the horizon. Likely, you’re doing the same every time you head to the range.

In all likelihood, you’ll throw a stubby flathead in your range bag when scoping in a deer rifle.
Maybe, a cleaning kit is on hand—good enough to dislodge a stuck case in a pinch. But actual, to-the-quick gun tools meant to troubleshoot accuracy-eating, gun-stopping malfunctions are an afterthought, if that, for most shooters. That’s all changing.

In recent years, Fix It Sticks has taken it upon themselves to provide shooters with comprehensive gun tools that are no more trouble to tote along than an extra box of ammo. And now the company has introduced two purpose-built, comprehensive tool kits that handle hard-use and precision firearms. Developed with input from competitive shooters, Fix It Sticks Long Range Kit and 3-Gun Kit boast an extensive array of the most useful tools, bits and torque limiters required to maintain a gun's accuracy and performance.

Tailored to tune up rifles, shotguns and handguns, Fix It Sticks 3-Gun Kit is ideal for the multi-gun shooter—even if they aren’t competitors. In addition to a multi-section cleaning rod and the company’s redesigned Take-Down Ratchet T-Handle, the kit includes:

Fix It Stick Long-Range Kit

Designed to keep precision rifles pounding the X-ring, Fix It Stick’s Long Range Kit is a must-have for anyone who goes the distance. The kit also comes with the company’s versatile Take-Down Ratchet T-Handle, cleaning rod and a number of other useful tools including:

Be it a loose action screw, rattling handguard or flighty scope rings, Fix It Sticks has you covered with its Long Range and 3-Gun Kits. The 3-Gun Kit runs $350, while the Long Range Kit is priced $368.

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