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Blue Book Special Report: What’s Hot in Gun Values?

Colt Python gun values.

A special report for Gun Digest by the experts at Blue Book on what's hot and what's not in the world of gun values and online gun auctions.

Few people in the industry keep their finger on the pulse of online gun buying and selling like the folks at Blue Book. In this special report for Gun Digest, they've peeled the curtain away and allowed us an insider's glimpse at their notes. Here's their take on the current state of affairs at online firearm auctions, the bazaars that are driving current gun values.

Hot—Anything Colt Python or Double-Action Colt Revolvers (Snake Guns)

Hot—Double-Action Revolvers Make a Resurgence

Hot—Antique Firearms (Pre-1899)


Notable—Colt Single Actions

Not So Hot—Tactical Rifles (Exception: Precision and Long-Range Rifles)

The Political Factor

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