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New Gun: Springfield Launches TRP 10mm RMR

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Springfield introduces its second production 10mm, the TRP 10mm RMR decked out with a Trijicon reflex sight.

The skinny on the new Springfield:

Like the Phoenix from its ashes, the 10mm continues to rise. Springfield is among the latest to further the resurgent round’s cause, announcing Thursday yet another 1911 chambered for Col. Jeff Cooper’s pet.

The company now offers the TRP 10mm RMR, available in two configurations — 5- and 6-inch barrel — and complete with a Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight. The move is not without precedent, but just barely. The new pistol is actually the second production model 10mm the company has offered, following on the heels of last fall’s introduction of the TRP Operator in the caliber. However, the new model is quite a bit more dolled up than Springfield’s attractively Spartan initial offering.

In particular, the company has turned a studied eye to the sight system; it’s not a fly-by-night affair, where a reflex is simply included in the purchase. Milled directly into the slide, the Trijicon RMR is situated to endure the abuse of the high-pressure round’s recoil, as well as provide a seamless backup aiming solution in worst-case scenarios. The gun boasts tritium rear and front sights, designed for use through the reflex sight if the situation ever called for it. The reflex sight itself is optimized for rugged use, fashioned from 7075-T6 aluminum and engineered to absorb impacts and divert stress away from the lens.

Both the 5- and 6-inch barreled TRP 10mm RMR models are built on forged National Match frames and feature precision-fit match-grade slides made of stainless-steel. Springfield has beefed up the operating system in the shorter-barred model with an 18.5-pound recoil spring (16-pounds on the long slide), which goes a ways in taming the kick. Furthermore, the company has given shooters plenty to hang on to, with G10 VZ grips and ample Posi-Lock checkering on the front strap and mainspring housing.

The 1911 is outfitted with Springfield’s Gen 2 Speed Trigger, tuned to break at 4.5- to 5-pounds. It features a TechWell Magwell/Grip System that facilitates rapid and efficient magazine changes. Springfield wraps it all up with its durable Black-T Finish.

The pre-mounted reflex sight system has become more common in recent years, especially with the 10mm. Typically it adds a bit more appeal to handgun hunters, but, in general, it doesn’t come cheap. In the case of the 5-inch barreled TRP 10mm RMR the MSRP is $2,507, the 6-inch is $2,558. That’s plenty of coin, even in the world of 1911s. However, it’s competitive with some other high-end 10mms with pre-mounted optics.

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