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First Look: FN 509 Compact Tactical

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So, you want to run suppressed, but not full-sized? Meet the FN 509 Compact Tactical.

What The 509 Compact Brings To The Table:

Generally speaking, suppressor fun is something relegated to full-sized pistols. Plenty of gun already in hand, what difference does 5-inches of hush tube make dangling off the muzzle? Not much. Still and all, there’s no reason why big boys should have all the fun. They won’t any longer.

FN America has taken the suppressor-ready pistol small with the introduction of the 509 Compact Tactical. Flirting with dead-ringer territory with the recently release Compact model of the striker-fired 9mm, the pistol boasts an extended barrel with a 1/2×28 thread pattern just begging to host your favorite can. Yes, it comes with a factory thread protector with a hold-tight O-ring, so you won’t bang it up if you aren’t running quiet.

Pretty slick, particularly given, sans suppressor, it still retains its concealed-carry friendly dimensions. Overall, the 509 Compact Tactical weighs in at 26 ounces, boasts a 4.32-inch barrel and measures in at right around 7.5 inches. The barrel is a bit longer than the 509 Compact by just over .5 inch, but that's far from bust its ability from going undercover.

As to the other notables on the pistol, it’s optics-ready with FN’s MRD slide cut and is compatible with more than 10 miniature red-dots. Furthermore, suppressor-height night sights that can co-witness with a reflex come standard on the 509 Compact Tactical. The other goodies common to 509s are there too: respectable trigger, dual recoil spring system, MIL-STD 1913 accessory rail, enlarged trigger guard, fairly positive grip texturing and replaceable backstrap system. Sweetening the pot, FN throws in a soft case with the 509 Compact Tactical and 12-, 15-, or 24-rounds magazines. If you need more, you have your choice between matte black and FDE finishes.

As to cost, that’s one point that hasn’t shrunk with the pistol’s size. The MSRP on the 509 Compact Tactical is $1,049, around $300 over what a plain, old Compact Tactical runs. No breaks if you want to shoot suppressed.

FN 509 Compact Tactical Specs
Caliber: 9mm
Operation: Double-action
Mag Capacity: 10 or 12/15/24 Rd.
Weight: 26.2 oz.
Barrel Length: 4.32″
Overall Length: 7.4″
Twist Rate: 1:10″ RH
Height: 5.3″
Width: 1.35″
Trigger Pull: 5.5 – 7.5 lb.
Sight Radius: 5.6″
MSRP: $1,049

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