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ZEV OZ-9C X Combat: Competition And Combat Ready

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Zev’s new OZ-9C Combat X pistol takes their already popular custom Glock-style design and streamlines it for duty use.

Enhanced Features Not Found On Standard Glocks:

Zev Technologies got their start making aftermarket Glock triggers designed with competition use in mind. Today they are still famous for their triggers, but they do a whole lot more. Not only have they expanded beyond Glocks into making custom, high-quality replacement parts for Sig pistols and AR-15s, they also build their own guns from the ground up.

The newest of Zev's homegrown pistols is called the OZ-9C Combat X. Chambered in 9mm and inspired by the Glock platform, Zev has taken what they learned from past iterations of their custom Glocks and further tailored them towards duty use.

Zev OZ-9C Combat X. Profile

Steel Beats Plastic

Standard Glocks are built on polymer frames that are susceptible to flexing under stress. For those who wish to squeeze every last bit of accuracy out of their pistol, a polymer frame simply won’t do. Zev has eradicated this issue by designing the OZ-9C Combat X around their patented steel receiver, something the company considers the heart of the gun. Machined from a solid block of stainless steel, the receiver tightly mates the slide to the grip and brings several improvements over standard Glock designs.

The steel receiver extends the entire length of the gun and includes longer slide rails to provide increased contact, thus stability. The result, a gun that is more accurate and has less recoil than its polymer counterparts. These improvements ensure that the shooter not only has a more accurate first shot, but more accurate and quicker follow up shots as well. The steel also improves durability, and the extra weight helps to give the gun a balanced feel. These are all very welcome improvements in a gun designed for combat.

Get A Grip

As can be deduced from the gun’s name, the Zev OZ-9C Combat X is essentially a combination of two prior Zev designs, the OZ-9C compact Citadel slide and the X grip. With the combination of these features, Zev has created a gun with a compact slide on a full-sized duty grip. For a duty gun, this is the best of both worlds. These features allow the shooter to maintain maximum control over the handgun with a comfortable grip while still benefiting from the shorter and lighter slide. Recoil management and manipulation of the controls are aided by the large size of the X grip on a package that’s still handier than a typical duty gun.

OZ-9C Combat X's Competition Features

Improved accuracy is certainly something that competition shooters appreciate, but at the end of the day, all that’s at stake is their scorecard. In a life-or-death situation where you may only have the first shot to solve your problem, you better make it count. The Zev OZ-9C Combat X gives every advantage possible to its user concerning accuracy.

Besides the steel receiver improving lockup and mitigating recoil, Zev’s new combat pistol also includes a PRO match grade barrel and a PRO curved-face trigger. Both built in-house, these additions assist the mechanical and practical accuracy of the gun.

The OZ-9C Combat X is also available with a pre-installed Trijicon RM06 red dot sight. While I’m a big proponent of mastering iron-sights, a gun packed with as many upgrades as the OZ-9C Combat X would feel wrong without an optic in 2021.

Zev OZ-9C Combat X With Trijicon RM06

Each Zev pistol is custom built to order, so if you plan on buying one keep in mind that it will be at least 14 days before you see it. The base model OZ-9C Combat X has an MSRP of $1,368 and goes up to $1,819 for the package with a Trijicon site. A hefty sum when compared to the Glocks from which it was developed. Do the upgrades warrant the price tag? Will the Gucci-tier custom Glocks that Zev makes catch on within law enforcement? Or will Zev maintain its position as a premier manufacturer of competition-style handguns? Time will tell, but it's certain that no matter how nice Zev’s guns are they will not be taking the place of Glock for the average, casual shooter.

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