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Gun Shows Under Attack in California

But they don't think that other kinds of Cow Palace shows like RAVE concerts are a problem, or send the wrong message, and they say that people who attend those events have first amendment rights (but apparently not the people who go to gun shows).

SB585 (Leno) would ban the sale of ammunition and firearms at the state owned Cow Palace exposition facility near San Francisco. It would have the result of banning all gun shows held there, and will very likely be used as a precedent for banning gun shows at publicly owned facilities throughout the state!

Buying a firearm at a gun show is no different than going to a firearms dealer's store. Background checks and waiting periods are required for purchases at gun shows just like at a gun store.

SB585 is an attempt by anti-gun extremists to find more creative ways to discourage people from owning firearms! Like most such bills, it would have no impact on criminals, just on lawful individuals!

SB585 is on the Senate Floor and will be voted upon this week!

It is critical that all Senators be immediately contacted!


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