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Armed Self-Defense for Gun Owners, New and Old

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If you want basic or advanced handgun training, the “Armed Self-Defense” series, over the next two weeks, will provide you guidance on:


Even if you have owned and shot guns for years, you may find things here you have never thought about: The segment on ABC’s “20/20” a few weeks ago did its best to convince people they don’t stand a chance when using guns for self-defense. While nothing could be further from the truth, the reality is that the more training you get, the better your chances will be – and this applies not only to you, but to your wife, husband or aging parent.

Although I am a defensive handgun instructor with upper level courses under my belt, upcoming segments will feature interviews with Tom Iradi of Eagle Rock Training Systems, whose experience far exceeds my own.


The last segments will cover two actual courses taught at Eagle Rock: “Practical Tactical” Phases I and II. These one-day courses, held back-to-back, are designed to introduce gun owners to the skills and mindset necessary for armed self-defense. This column will feature extensive photographs and coverage as I embarrass myself by honing rusty skills. Read more

Source: Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner

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