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Armed Hero Saves 4 Lives

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There’s nothing like a justifiable homicide to bring out the bigotry resting in the heart of Old Media reporters.
Last week, Demario Brown, on the run from police, held up two women at gunpoint and forced them into the house they were visiting, and then held two additional victims at gunpoint while demanding money he claimed was stolen from him. Then things began to go wrong for Mr. Brown as one of the victims, Timothy King, fought back with his own gun. In the exchange of fire, Mr. Brown was fatally wounded, ran out of the house and collapsed a short distance away.
Even though one article’s title was accurately stated as “Robbery suspect shot dead by intended victim,” North Charleston’s Live 5 News still chose the “concerned neighbor” gambit to condemn the shooting:
“Just moved here. This is the welcome North Charleston gives us,” said Donnell Dunlap who witnessed the shooting…
Something like that shouldn't happen around here. It ain't right.” Read More
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