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Dry fire practice is essential

We fight like we train. There is nothing more true. When was the last time you conducted dry-fire practice? If you did so, did you draw from the holster, settle the sights on target, focus on the front sight, holding it steady through the trigger press?What's wrong with that scenario?You didn't verbalize. You didn't command your subject to stop, drop the weapon, show hands. In most cases that is part of the sequence of events that needs to be followed. If you don't verbalize, some witness is going to say, “I was over that and all of a sudden this dude just shot'em. He didn't say nothing. He just shot'em” I would much rather have a witness saying, “That guy in the black coat, he shouted ‘Stop! Drop the gun!' I guess the other guy didn't stop and didn't drop the gun. So the guy in the black coat, he shot'em.” Remember to use all your skills, all your instruction when you train. You may win the shootout, but the investigation that's sure to follow is just as serious.Stay safe.

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