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DoubleStar PhD 1911 a Smart Play for Self-Defense?

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Photo: DoubleStar
Photo: DoubleStar

DoubleStar’s newest line of 1911s sounds wicked smart. But a shooter doesn’t need to be a genius to see what the Kentucky gun maker is aiming at with its PhD 1911.

In short, the pistol is tailored for concealed carry holsters and nightstands as a full-sized defensive option. In turn, DoubleStar’s PhD isn’t a doctor of philosophy, but meant for “Personal Home Defense”.

The company’s new defensive .45 ACP has a solid roster of features.

The 33-ounce gun has aggressive rear cocking serrations, making the slide easier to manipulate. It is outfitted with Express sights from XS, featuring a tritium front sight; this should aid in quick target acquisition, especially in low-light situations.

A nice touch that should aid in acquiring and keeping a solid sight picture is DoubleStar flat-topping the pistol and serrating the top strap. This little finishing touch goes a long way in reducing glare.

The PhD 1911 also features a number of ergonomic considerations that should make the pistol more manageable and comfortable to shoot. It has a rounded grip, giving shooters a more solid purchase on the gun. It is outfitted with a Wilson Combat high-ride beavertail grip safety, meaning the handgun’s bore axis should be more in line with a shooter’s arm — thus helping mitigate its recoil.

Surprisingly, one feature absent from the first in the new line is any sort of accessories rail. This has become a pretty standard feature in most firearms designed for defensive purposes.

Presently, the MSRP on the DoubleStar PhD 1911 is $1,364.06.

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