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Ace Revolver: A Nimble Take On The Model 1858

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Taylor & Company goes small with the Remington-Beals in its Ace Revolver.

There’s a misnomer to the Remington Model 1858. It was never officially called the 1858. Shooters dubbed what was properly known as the Remington-Beals Model Revolvers because the patent date was stamped on the barrel. A point of confusion that soldiers on to this very day.

Moniker confusion aside, Taylor & Company has dusted off the classic Remington in 2021 in a trim configuration they’ve dubbed the Ace Revolver. The 3-inch barreled gun most closely resembles what is known as New Model Pocket Revolver from the slew of Remington-Beals iterations. And makes for an interesting option for those who prefer a nimbler option compared to the hunks of iron that dominant replica percussion revolvers.

Though the Ace Revolver isn’t a true-to-form recreation of the classic. Whereas the old Remington were chamber .31 caliber in percussion and .32 CF in cartridge conversion (which are more predominant), Taylor & Company has gone larger. The company offers both a .44-caliber black-powder percussion cylinder and a .44 LC conversion cylinder (sold separately), up to snuff for modern smokeless ammunition. Additionally, both cylinders hold 6-round, compared to the New Model’s 5.

As to some of the Ace Revolver’s specifics, for a steel-framed revolver, it comes in at a fairly manageable 38 ounces and is available with three grip choices—checkered walnut, smooth walnut and PVC, which emulates ivory. In all cases, the revolvers are outfitted with a fixed front blade sight and a rear notch, octagon barres, blued finish and brass trigger guards. Interestingly, the single action's hammer spur looks to fairly well emulate the original Remington’s, which is high. If there’s any one area replica makers fiddle with it’s the spur, flattening it back to make cocking it quicker.

As to price, the Ace Revolver is as competitive as they come with an MSRP of $350 no matter the grip option.

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