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Video: Target Transition Training With The Dot Drill

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Emphasizing accuracy, trigger control and sight acquisition, the dot drill is an excellent starting point to mastering target transition.

One of the most important concepts of pistol marksmanship is target transition. The ability to move from target to target efficiently and accurately, maximizes the full potential of your handgun. Not to mention, in a defensive situation, you can save your skin if you face multiple threats. Like all other handgun skills, target transition requires work to perfect.

Maximizing trigger control and sight acquisition, the dot drill is an excellent starting point or tune-up to hone and maintain this important skill. Not working against the clock nor incorporating a draw, the drill grinds in shooting fundamentals as applied to moving target to target. Accuracy is the goal, placing a single shot in each 2-inch circle starting at 3 yards. If you’re right on target from there and the dot drill seems too simple, hold on because your margin of error shrinks as you go on. Upon successful completion, you move back—7, 10, 15 even 20 yards. Each step gets progressively tougher, but learn to work the drill at all practical distances and you’ll steel up your target transition ability.

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