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Video: What Are Your Suppressor Options?

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Find out what makes and models of suppressors are out there and what will best serve your needs.

The advantage of a suppressor, at least its main one, is fairly self-evident. Damping the report of a rifle or a pistol makes shooting – particularly in the confines of an indoor range – much more pleasant. However, the muzzle device’s magic doesn’t end at simply trimming decibels. A quality can enhances the accuracy of your firearm, especially shot to shot, by reducing its recoil.

So, more enjoyable and more on target – plenty of reasons to get sold on suppressors.
If you are, the next obvious question is, “Which is right for me?” While not as difficult as solving a differential equation, picking a can that will do you the most good is somewhat complex. If for any reason the number of makes and models available. Combine that with what your overall objectives are, how much you want to spend and the types of guns you want to suppress, well your decision-making process quickly become intricate.

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