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Video: When And How To Execute A Tactical Reload

The tactical reload might be the most misunderstood reload, but is essential to maximize your firepower potential.

Administrative and speed reloads are both fairly cut and dry, where shooters generally get a bit hung up is the tactical reload. The concept is straightforward enough, switching out a partially spent magazine for a fresh one, thus ensuring maximum firepower. Confusion generally coalesces around the when and how to execute this defensive pistol fundamental. The short and long of it, one of these points has a direct bearing on the other.

Tactical reloads are the slowest of the reloads since you are manipulating two magazines with one hand—among other operations. Above, instructor and gun writer Richard man covers the finer points of how to fundamentally perform the reload. Blood pumping and adrenaline in overdrive, getting the switch done efficiently is a challenge, one with dire consequences for failure. Those moments might be all an assailant requires to gain the upper hand. Bare-bones basics, the tactical reload is only attempted if there is no immediate threat.

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