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Video: Developing A Fundamentally Sound Trigger Pull

Want to hit what you're aiming at time and again? Hone your trigger pull.

Trigger pull and sight alignment. mWhen you first get into shooting, you’re bashed over the head with these two concepts until your brain nearly leaks from your ears. There’s a sound reason for this redundancy. In all the ways you interact with a handgun, these two bear the most weight on if you score meaningful hits or fly way off the mark. A little secret, one has a lot of influence over the other.

Sloppy trigger work is the bane of accurate pistolcraft, pushing or pulling your sight alignment off, sending your round up, down, left or right of its intended mark. Ensuring this doesn’t plague you every time you’re at the business end of your pistol is a matter real estate … that is, where you settle down your trigger finger. That is, in short, the center of its pad. Easy as pie, but it’s an aspect that even seasoned shooters wrestle with if they break discipline.

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The breakdown, for the most part, comes with a shooter removing his or her finger from the trigger after taking a shot. Not completely off, but enough the digit loses contact. Over the course of several shots, this causes displacement, thus accuracy decay.

The cure? A more deliberate trigger pull, one that follows the shot all the way through and to the pistol’s reset. Purposeful might sound like slow, but it’s quite the contrary. The reset of most semi-automatic pistols is extremely short … just a few fractions of an inch. Easing the trigger to this point sets up the next shot more quickly because it’s more efficient. Plus, with work it becomes faster.

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