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Video: The Ins And Outs Of The Concealed Carry Purse

Handy and stylish, the concealed carry purse is a solid method of toting a handgun. But the unorthodox approach takes some special considerations to ensure safety and efficiency.

Holster carry isn’t the only option. Many don’t wish to alter their clothing to conceal their handgun. In turn, they turn to an off-body method—bag, briefcase or even purse.

In recent decades, the latter has become a popular choice for the well-armed woman, giving them a degree of freedom in how they dress. But as Richard Mann points out in the above video, the method doesn’t come without its considerations.

Perhaps the chief among is making sure you are in control of the purse (or bag) at all times. This is just plain common sense. A defense handgun doesn’t do you a lick of good if it’s not within reach. As important, you don’t want someone—bad guy or little kid—rifling around your purse when it’s holding a loaded heater.

Though, purse carry doesn’t stop with general safety concerns. There is a particular way you need to retrieve your handgun, otherwise, you might find yourself fumbling when you need it most. Mann goes over the details, but in the nutshell, it’s a matter of keeping control of the purse until you have a grip on your handgun, then getting rid of the satchel.

Compared to holster carry, off-body has some unorthodox demand to do it correctly. But for those who find it inconvenient to redo their entire wardrobe to go armed, it can prove an invaluable method.

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