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First Look: Mossberg Reserve Series Over/Under Shotguns

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The new Mossberg Reserve Series over/under shotguns offers class and performance.

Few firearms exemplify their particular niche better than over/under shotguns. In them is the beat of wings on autumn air, the triumph of clays smashed mid-flight and an heirloom passed from generation to generation. Mossberg is no stranger to turning out excellent break actions and headlines its 2021 additions with a pair of head-turners.

Dubbed the Reserve Series by the gunmaker, the Silver Reserve Field Series and Gold Reserve Sporting Series offer top-end performance and looks, at a fraction of the average over/under’s price. Starting at $636, Silver Reserve Synthetic Stock, and running up to $1,221, Gold Reserve Super Sport, Mossberg offers a model for nearly every budget. Regardless of price, the shotgun line serves up looks and performance to make them classics.

Mossberg Gold Reserve Series

Common across the Mossberg Reserve Series are chrome-lined bores, dual-locking lugs, tang safety/barrel selectors and ample gauge selection. Silver Reserve guns have a bit more selection, coming in 12-, 20-, 28-gauge and 410 bore, but the Gold Series covers a majority of shooters with 12, 20 and 410 options. From there, the guns depart on several features.

The defining the guns are aesthetics; the Gold Series has more of it. Not that the matt black and satin receivers of the Silver Series doesn’t have a sporting and functional appeal, but the Gold guns boast a bit more jazz. In particular, rich scrollwork on polished silver or blued receivers capped off with jeweled actions and attractive gold inlays on the underside. Furthermore, the stock is hand-selected Grade A black walnut on the high-end Mossberg Reserve Series guns, with cut-checkering on the grips and fore-end.

Mossberg Silver Reserve Series

The competition-ready guns are equipped with 28- or 30-inch vent rib barrels topped off with a front bead sight and ejectors. Additionally, the standard Gold Reserve series, Mossberg offers two premium models—the Black Label, with a 30-inch barrel and blued receiver and the Super Sport, with fully-adjustable cast, comb and length of pull.

As for the Silver series, the guns come with the choice of walnut or synthetic stocks, and 28- or 26-inch barrels (depending on gauge). The guns also are outfitted with shell extractors, not necessarily a bad thing on a field gun. Additionally, this end of the Mossberg Reserve Series boasts a 13.25-inch LOP model for youth shooters.

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