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Best Shotgun Reviews To Nail A Superb Smoothbore (2020)

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Draw a bead on your next smashing smoothbore with Gun Digest‘s best shotgun reviews, lists and videos from the past year.

Be it knocking birds out of the autumn air or smash clays under the summer sun, there’s nothing quite like getting a shotgun to live up to its full potential. Really, no gun collection is truly complete without at least one workhorse smoothbore in the rack. If you or your favorite shooter is short this essential, there’s still time to wrap one up for Christmas.

While many of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have come and gone, there are still deals to be had, particularly on shotguns. To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve collected 11 of our best shotgun reviews, lists and videos from the past year to guide you along. Whether you need a little something for the spring turkey season or just want to stuff a stocking with a solid scattergun, these posts will get you on point.

7 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2019)

Economical over/unders and side-by-sides … might as well ask for bargain diamonds. Except for these seven affordable double-barrel shotguns that definitely buck the trend.

4 New Remington Shotguns Worth Drawing A Bead On (2019)

Recent turbulent waters of bankruptcy haven't sunk Big Green, as is evidenced by these four new Remington shotguns.

8 Classic Field Shotguns That Won’t Quit

South and Central American wingshooting destinations require shotguns be able to handle abuse and high-volume shooting.

Video: CZ-USA’s Reaper Magnum Redefines Turkey Hunting

Adding a much-needed element of flexibility to the turkey gun, the Reaper Magnum has a hunter covered no matter a tom's range.

Check Out Other Review Roundups:

Dickinson Arms Introduces Color-Case Hardened Plantation SXR

A vibrant addition to Dickinson's side-by-side line, the color-case harden Plantation SXR is a head turner.

SHOT Show 2019: The New Rimfires And Shotguns Of CZ

With a number of additions to its rimfire and shotgun catalogs, CZ-USA has a new long gun for nearly every shooter.

Pro Series M Magazine Fed, Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Black Aces Tactical offers up a box-magazine fed, semi-automatic shotgun in a more traditional configuration with the release of the Pro Series M.

Mossberg Unveils The Head-Turning 500 Centennial 12-Gauge

The Mossberg 500 Centennial is a dazzling addition to the gunmaker's anniversary collection.

Stevens Introduces 555 and 555 Enhanced In 16-Gauge

The 555 and 555 Enhanced 16-gauge options breathe new life into the versatile medium bore.

Savage Arms Model 212 and Model 220 Turkey Revamped

Upgraded and on sale through general retail outlets, the revamped Model 212 and 220 Turkey are just in time for the season.

Youth Shotgun Review: CZ 720 G2 Reduced Length

A handy little 20-gauge autoloader, the CZ 720 G2 Reduced Length is designed to win over first-time shooters.

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