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New Ruger Mark IV Gets Competitive and Tactical

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The respected Ruger Mark IV semi-automatic .22 LR pistol line is expanding, bringing out new Competition and 22/45 Tactical models.

Ruger rimfire pistols have come a long way since Bill Ruger’s tinkerings in his garage.

In more than half a century, the company has refined and upgraded the original Ruger Standard model to help it reach the near pinnacle of plinking perfection. At the same tick, the New Hampshire gunmaker has retained the features that made the pistol a winner from the start — including some of the sleekest lines in the handgun world.

Ruger isn’t done yet. The company recently announced two new additions to the heir apparent of the Standard — the Ruger Mark IV. And shooters in a couple specific niches are certain to be excited with what Ruger has cooked up for its ever-evolving line of rimfire semi-automatics.

Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical

To hang the moniker “tactical” on a firearm nowadays, there typically have to be two elements present: a threaded barrel and rails. This Mark IV has both in spades. The 4.4-inch barrel has a 1/2”-28 thread pattern, making it suppressor or flash suppressor ready out of the box. It is outfitted with Picatinny rails situated over the receiver and below the barrel, giving shooters the ultimate in configuration options. While it is ready to accept anything from a reflex to a laser sight or other tactical accessory, the 22/45 Tactical is also equipped to place precision shots without an upgrade using the pinned front and fully adjustable rear sights. Ruger modeled the rimfire’s polymer-framed grip feel and angle off its centerfire SR1911, giving shooters an intuitive purchase on the handgun that fills the entire palm. And while they can be swapped out for another option, the rubberized grip panels are meant to facilitate a positive grip on the gun no matter the elements. The 10+1 capacity pistol also has all the design points that made the Mark IV series a big leap forward. Chief among these is the one-button takedown system, allowing the upper receiver to tilt forward and be removed to disassemble the gun from one simple control. Presently, the MSRP of the Mark IV 22/45 Tactical is $529.

Ruger Mark IV Competition

Ruger’s rimfires have always been popular competition pistols, with the company's designs being conducive to precision. The manufacturer has gone all out with its newest bullseye model, offering shooters the rigidity and heft they need to hit the 10 ring again and again. Of these, the Competition’s receiver and grip frame are perhaps the most important. Each is machined from solid pieces of stainless steel, ensuring the pistol has little to no flex when fired, thus increasing its accuracy potential. The 6.88-inch slab-sided bull barrel also produces more rigidity in the platform and helps up the gun's weight to a stable 45.8 ounces. It also put more of that weight forward, where it should be, making it easier to draw a bead longer and reducing muzzle flip. The Competition is decked out with attractive hardwood laminate grips, but they’re not just for looks. The grips have a competition thumb rest milled into them, giving shooters a more intuitive grip and more control over the pistol. The 10+1 capacity rimfire has a fully adjustable rear sight and, given it does not have a moving slide, offers a fixed sight-to-barrel alignment. The MSRP on the Mark IV competition is $749.

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