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Gun Digest the Magazine, March 13, 2008

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Inside This Issue:

• Knowing what to watch for can help you spot fakes and reproductions when you’re seeking a good deal on a gun. Sometimes, subtle clues are all you get. If a deal seems too good to be true, Jim Scott writes, it probably is.

• Some guns just never make it big, but that doesn’t mean they are not interesting. The Dan Shideler looks at three guns folks might overlook.

• The SHOT Show just keeps growing.

• Invest in Winchester rifles.

• All shooters should have personal limits on how far they shoot.

• The MAB Model D pistol has some hotspots to which shooters should pay close attention.

• NRA and the U.S. Department of Justice disagree on the D.C. gun-ban case.

• Bushnell glass and a Choate stock turn a barreled action into a true sniper rifle.

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