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Gun Digest the Magazine, January 5, 2009

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Inside This Issue

• Constant change brings a new face to Gun Digest the Magazine, but the commitment remains the same.

• U.S. shooters score big at the World Action Pistol Championships in New Zealand.

• Cutshaw offers his advice on dealing with the inevitable.

• A couple of oddball revolvers might stir the oddball in you to add them to your
collection. Here’s what you need to know.

• Bryce Towsley believes gun owners are in the fight of their lives.

• Dave Workman ties up a few loose ends after getting a reminder not to waste time.

• Scope mounts and rings are some of the most abused and neglected parts of a rifle. Yet accuracy depends on having your sighting system firmly in place.

• There’s plenty of great new shooting and hunting gear.

• An Obama presidency could mean dark times for gun owners across the United States. Early indications are that inauguration day will bring a slew of anti-gun cronies to Washington.

• With Barack Obama on the way to the White House, gun owners can expect four years of
attacks on their rights.

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