.375 Ruger

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Steve Nelson’s client wanted a rifle chambered for the .375 Ruger, built on his pre-’64 Winchester Model 70 action. He also wanted the rifle to be takedown capable. He additionally specified that Steve make a barrel featuring an integral quarter-rib done in Nelson’s unique style. Nelson started with a Pac-Nor blank that was 1.300" in diameter and machined the rib with a radius where it meets the round barrel. Due to time constraints, he chose to add the front sling swivel stud rather than machining it integrally. The client chose a Griffin & Howe side mount to permit a very low scope mounting as well as allowing him to easily mount one of two scopes, a VX-3 1.5x5X or a VX-7 30mm scope. Nelson chose a 20-plus-year-old Bastogne walnut blank for the stock. As stable as wood can be, he turned it into a magnificent stock featuring a tung oil, hand rubbed finish, checkered in a point pattern 24 lines per inch. No closet queen, this rifle has already been on a six-week safari to Tanzania and will be off to the elk woods this fall. Photo by Tom Alexander

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