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Shotgun Ammo Rundown 2013

Hornady Superformance & Heavy Mag
Hornady Superformance & Heavy Mag

Shotguns have long been regarded as the most do-all shooting tools available. With a shotgun, a person can shoot a single projectile or a pattern of shot, they can shoot as close as a few yards and out to beyond 100 yards (with a slug), and they can hunt, target shoot and defend themselves. This year’s crop of new loads only improves their applications for whatever you desire.

Hornady Superformance & Heavy Mag

Hornady is making the Superformance shotgun slugs available in 12 and 20 gauge. If you shoot a rifled slug gun you need to give these slugs a try. Using a 250-grain Monoflex slug in 20 gauge or a 300-grain Monoflex slug in 12 gauge, these loads are just what the doctor ordered for deer, black bear or hogs. Also, if varmints are on the menu, the Hornady Heavy Mag Coyote 12-gauge loads will not disappoint the close-range hunter.  (

Kent Cartridge Diamond Shot & 5-Star Penetrator

Kent 10-Point Precision Slugs.

Kent Cartridge has some great turkey loads in their Diamond Shot and 5-Star Penetrator shells. The Diamond Shot loads are available in 12 and 20 gauge, and the Penetrator loads are available in 12 gauge only, but feature a 50/50 mix of Tungsten Matrix and Diamond Shot. I will be testing the Kent Tungsten Matrix l6 gauge, 11/8-ounce upland load in No. 5s during turkey season this year and have high expectations on its performance. There are many 16-gauge shooters in the country and this is a great load for upland birds; it can be used in your treasured side-by-side guns without worry. (

Kent 10-Point Precision

The Kent 10-Point Precision slugs are a new addition to the Kent line as well, with a hard-hitting 1-ounce slug that launches at a scorching 1,850 fps. This one should satisfy the serious deer or hog hunter. (

Winchester Razorback XT

Winchester Razorback XT.

Winchester has recognized the out-of-control feral hog problem across much of the country and the need of hunters for dedicated shotgun hog loads to deal with the problem. The new Razorback offerings in 12 gauge, with either buckshot or a frangible 1-ounce slug will meet this need. The 12-gauge Razorback XT buckshot load will feature eight buffered 00 buck pellets for hard-hitting, close-range knockdown power. The Razorback XT segmented rifled slug is designed to segment into three equal pieces upon impact for devastating trauma caused by multiple wound channels. It also features an innovative wad stabilizer for pinpoint downrange accuracy up to 125 yards. (

Winchester AA TrAAcker

Winchester AA TrAAcker.

Winchester also has a new load that may be just the thing for wingshooter training, the AA TrAAcker offering. The secret of AA TrAAcker is in the revolutionary wad. Loaded with 1 1/8 ounces of shot like a standard AA shotshell, the innovative wad design includes longer, notched petals and captures 1/8-ounce of shot, which stabilizes wad spin and ensures that the wad remains in the center of the shot cloud for optimum tracking. The AA TrAAcker load is available in two highly visible colors: orange, for overcast conditions or dark backdrops and black for clear skies or light backdrops. (

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