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Hands On! Extreme Shock Makes a Hole!

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Damn! Pardon the language, but that's all anyone could say when I fired a single round of Extreme Shock CTJ shotgun ammo into a block of ballistic material recently.

It wasn't ballistic gelatin and forgive me for not jotting down exactly what I fired into, but the results were still amazing.

The CTJ is a reduced-recoil, controlled-penetration tactical shotgun round that offers reduced ricochet hazard and is perfect for interior applications like home defense or tactical entry.

The round uses the .45 caliber Extreme Shock Air Freedom bullet, designed to fragment as it passes through half-inch sheetrock. But in the ballistic material designed to mimic human tissue the round offers about 12 inches of penetration and complete fragmentation without shoot-through.

Even though the recoil was similar to a .38 Special, I could put my fist in the hole it created.

Because of its design, the CTJ is only good to about 35 yards, but that's plenty of distance for interior work like home-defense or entry operations.

Check out the photo and your response will be similar to mine.

To get your hands on the Extreme Shock CTJ check out


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