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RCBS Picks Up The Pace With The MatchMaster Powder Dispenser

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Twice as nice, the RCBS MatchMaster powder dispenser's twin-tube design makes for faster, more accurate reloading.

How The MatchMaster Speeds Up Measuring Precise Powder Charges:

High-volume rifle ammo reloaders learned a long time ago the benefits of automatic powder dispensers. Eminently more precise than volumetric measurement, the handloading tools also do a number on load time. Throwing charges is generally a bottleneck, one for a long time with no easy way around it when it came to rifle cartridges.

While things have been good in these quarters, they're getting a whole bunch better. Introducing an entirely new concept to the system, RCBS’s MatchMaster finds an extra gear in automatic powder dispensers. The difference from what’s already come down the pike, the device’s twin-barrel design. It’s almost a head-slappingly simple improvement.

Essentially, the MatchMaster has a large main charge tube that spits out the main measure of power. Then, a smaller-diameter tube trickles out the fractions of a grain your perfect load requires. Pretty slick and something that should make RCBS’s next-generation dispenser all the more useful … especially to those with itchy trigger fingers.

Load Up On Reloading Info:

RCBS doesn’t appear to compromise speed for precision, with the MatchMaster delivering between 0.10- and 0.04-grain accuracy on every charge. Furthermore, the device makes it all the more simple to program—at least, for the mildly tech-savvy. The powder dispenser is Bluetooth ready and links up with RCBS’s loading app, which gives reloaders complete control from their smart device. Not that display screens were all too taxing, but this certainly frees you up from hunching over it while you dial in a load.

A surprise to no one, technology comes with a price tag, which is fairly large for the MatchMaster. With an MSRP of $899, newbie handloaders might not jump at the cutting-edge gadget. But old hands, with a backlog of pet loads on their to-do list, will more than certainly see the value.

More From RCBS:

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – October 10, 2019 – RCBS, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, announced today that it has released the company’s fastest and most accurate powder dispenser with the launch of the new RCBS MatchMaster. Featuring precise 0.04 grain consistent measurements and a new patent pending dual tube dispensing technology for enhanced speed, the new RCBS Matchmaster saves users precious time on the reloading bench while promoting maximum accuracy.

Among its many design enhancements, the one-piece Matchmaster unit features an LCD touchscreen display that is Bluetooth compatible with the new RCBS app. This exclusive compatibility provides complete user control to calibrate scales and dispense powder in auto or manual modes. With pre-configured powder types readily accessible, handloaders now have the ability to create and or modify their own customized powder configurations in order to easily fine tune their favorite loads.

Through the MatchMaster’s patent pending dual tube dispensing technology, the dispenser is capable of delivering quick charges, each delivering between 0.10 and 0.04 grain accuracy every time. This consistency allows handloaders to obtain the most reliable performance possible while promoting confidence in each individual round.

The MatchMaster delivers charges in two mode configurations: Standard mode and Match mode. Standard mode drops charges to 0.10 grain accuracy in under 20 seconds while the Match mode drops charges to 0.04 grain accuracy. Other standard features include a patent-pending Bottom Drain function with Open Drain Alert. This exclusive combination ensures users will never experience unwanted powder on their bench when filling the dispenser.

“The new RCBS Matchmaster has taken powder dispensing and weighing to the next level,” said Will Hemeyer, Sr. Product Line Manager for RCBS. “With its user adjustable powder settings, Bluetooth compatibility, and revolutionary dual tube dispense technology, the Matchmaster reduces reloading time and simplifies the entire operation all while maintaining zero impact to charge accuracy.”

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