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New Guns And Gear June 2021

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Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these 14 new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

What Are The New Guns And Gear In June 2021:

Winchester M70 Long Range

Still cherished among the all-time best rifle designs, Winchester recently aimed the classic Model 70 at precision shooters. As the Long-Range model suggests, the rifle is decked out to maximize its range. To that end, it all begins with Bell and Carlson composite stock. Boasting an internal aluminum bedding block, the stock has an air-tight mate-up with the receiver and has a few little enhancements to milk the most out of the system—including lower vents to aid barrel cooling and a wide, flat fore to stabilize on a rest. While precision is the Model 70’s focus, the rifle is still field-ready—coming in at less than 8 pounds, making it ideal for long-range hunts. Available in eight calibers, the revamped 70 hits the mark. MSRP: Starting at $1,550

Mystery Ranch Hands-Free Rifle Sling

Refining its innovative design, Mystery Ranch has built a better mousetrap when it comes to hunting convenience. The Hands-Free Rifle Sling does what it says, giving hunters use of both hands in rugged backcountry terrain. But, through a handy system, gives up a long gun at a moment’s notice. The secret, a magnetic locking system that holds fast when on the move, but easily disengages when a target of opportunity presents itself. Also nice, it’s quiet as a mountain breeze. Comes with the sling and sternum strap proper, stock dock. Compatible with most pack systems. MSRP: $99

N8 Tactical Pro-Lock Holster

Extremely comfortable and arguably more efficient—at least on the draw—outside the waistband carry is well worth consideration. If it fits your lifestyle, N8 Tactical has the rig for you. Known as its Pro-Lock holster, the system provides enhanced passive retention not found in a typical Level I retention holster. N8 calls it their “Secure Twist Release” system, quite simply it’s a slight modification to the polycarbonate shell’s trigger pocket that requires a slight twist to release the gun. Clever. Also, comfortable. An all-leather backing keeps your iron off your side and helps your body breathe, at the same protecting your gun from body moisture. MSRP: $49.95

Sig Sauer M400 Tread Predator AR

When it comes to entry-level ARs, few hold a candle to Sig’s TREAD line. Now, hunters have a reason to look in Sig’s direction, with the introduction of the M400 TREAD Predator. Chambered 5.56 NATO, the rifle sticks to the line formula for success but offers a few upgrades that make it a perfect addition. In particular, the carbine boasts a fully adjustable stock, allowing users to tailor the cheek rise and length of pull at a mere twist of knobs. Additionally, the handguard—Sig’s Predator model—not only offers plenty of M-Lok real estate, but also a wide flat bottom, perfect for drawing a steady rest on a fence post or other support. Outfitted with a snappy single-stage trigger, the TREAD Predator is just the ticket to get coyotes howling. MSRP: $1,100

CCI Clean-22 Realtree Ammo

Less fouling, more stealthy … what’s not to love about CCI’s Clean-22 Realtree. The rimfire ammo has been around for a while, utilizing Federal/CCI’s polymer jacketing to keep lead from clogging up a rifle’s bore. But partnering with Realtree, the ammo-maker has upped its game in the batches you can buy. The plastic jug ships with 400 rounds of clean ammo, which should keep even the most ambitious shooters busy for a couple of hours. As to its performance, it kicks a 40-grain bullet 1,235 fps at the muzzle; that’s enough for any brushy or cottontail that crosses your path. MSRP: $43.99, jug of 400

Federal Premium 10mm Punch Ammo

Federal’s first line specifically developed for civilian defensive use, PUNCH ammunition fills a unique niche in the ammo giant’s catalog. And it’s grown to fit more shooters in recent times. Federal unveiled a new 200-grain 10mm load in the PUNCH line, certain to give armed citizens an edge in life-and-death situations. Engineered to meet or exceed FBI penetration standards, leaving the muzzle at 1,100 fps, the hollow-point loads deliver the peace of mind it can get the job done. This isn’t exclusive to the terminal end of things. Utilizing nickel-plated brass and sealed primers, shooters can expect flawless function in any handgun in which it’s run. MSRP: $30.99, box of 20

M&P Shield Plus 9mm

Little double, the M&P Shield is among the most popular concealed-carry pistols to come down the pike. Easy to keep under wraps, intuitive in control and chambered to stop threats, there were few knocks on the pistol, outside of capacity. Now, that’s a thing of the past. Upping the capacity of the demure heater, the Shield Plus brings the pistol in line with other micro-compacts currently on the market. With 13+1 on board, the 9mm has more than enough firepower to handle most lethal-force encounter—outside a full-fledged Hunnic invasion. The best part, Smith & Wesson didn’t compromise the pistol’s very manageable size to squeeze in the extra round, with the gun measuring 6.1 inches in length, 1.1 inches in width and 20 ounces in weight. MSRP: $553

OSS RAD 9 and RAD 45 Suppressors

A significant advancement in pistol suppressors, the OSS RAD 9 and RAD 45 bring flexibility and improved shooting experience to the table. The heart of the suppressor is what OSS calls its Flow-Baffle technology, which essentially eliminates any blow-back. The secret sauce: radial baffles that route the expanding gases to the perimeter of the device, and then out the front. Modular, the suppressor also adapts to the situation with two configurations. The RAD 9 goes from 7.7 inches at full length down to 5.15 inches, while the RAD 45 is modifiable from 8.6 to 6.4 inches. In any setup, the cans make for long and very enjoyable shooting sessions. MSRP: RAD 9 $849; RAD 45 $999

Hornady Bore Driver FTX

Hunt with sabot rounds during muzzleloader season and you know their drawback. Yeah, they’re lights-out accurate, but, boy howdy, are they a pain to wrangle down a bore. If there was only a better system. Known as the Bore Driver FTX, the system is designed for sabot-like performance, but not loading. The key here is Hornady opting for a polymer base, which provides the same sealing properties as a sabot but doesn’t require throwing your back out to ram home. Sitting atop the base is Hornady’s legendary FlexTip (FTX) bullet, which serves up class-best ballistic coefficients and downrange performance. Translated, that means the .50-calibers shoot to your muzzleloader’s limits. MSRP: $29.99 box of 20

Galco Classic Lite 2.0 Speedloader Carrier

Reloading a revolver … it’s a hurdle armed citizens are well aware of. Less considered is how to keep those reloads on-hand and under wraps until they’re needed. Galco has the answer in its speedloader carrier tailored to its shoulder holster rigs. Keeping two speedloaders at hand under the support-hand armpit in a horizontal position, the system allows for fast and efficient reloads conducive to the most popular techniques taught today. And the ambidextrous system is tough as cut nails. Constructed of 100-percent premium center-cut steerhide and rugged steel snaps, the carrier is made for years of use and with any caliber. MSRP: $39

Luth-AR MBA-5 AR Upgrade Stock

Stocks usually pull up the tail end of an AR upgrade, but few enhancements—outside a snappy new trigger—do more to improve a rifle’s comfort and performance. Luth-AR is a master at tweaking this particular part of a build. Outfitted with the company’s Anti-Rattle set screw found in the MBA-3 and MBA-4, the MBA-5 stock eliminates that annoying shimmy common on lesser options. Additionally, Luth-AR includes a wide, flared cheek rest for an intuitive and comfortable weld, a convenient paddle-style adjustment lever for rapid positioning (six positions). To finish it all up, the parts maker integrates a Picatinny rail on the lower rear of the stock, perfect if you’re a precision shooter who has to have a monopod to steady everything up. Complete with QD attachment points and righty and lefty friendly, the very affordable stock brings out the best in an AR. MSRP: $49.95

Ruger MAX-9

Ruger is no stranger to carry-ready handguns, though traditionally they stuck to more non-traditional niches. Now, it’s set to tackle the fastest-growing segment of self-defense arms—the micro-compact—with the MAX-9. As to how the pistol measures out, it’s 6 inches long, 1 inch in width, boasts a 3.2-inch barrel and weighs in at 18.4 ounces unloaded. Along with its overall demure size, it offers spot-on capacity, feeding on both a 10-round flush-fit magazine and a 12-round extended capacity. Finally, it’s optic ready—yes, you heard that right. Compatible with a wide swath of red-dot optics, there are few other pistols in its class that compete with what the MAX-9 brought to the table at its price. MSRP: $499

Wilson Combat X-TAC Supergrade

Arkansas is the heart of American custom gun-making, and it’s also the home of Wilson Combat. Renowned for its custom creations, the popular purveyor of top-shelf 1911s might have outdone itself in the enhancement of one of its popular lines. The X-TAC Supergrade isn’t brand-new, but its release is still worth mention, given it takes Wilson’s “one gun at a time” ethos to its maximum. The company’s most experienced gunsmiths build these John Browning classics, meaning only a few are turned out each month. Exclusivity is an asset, given the carbon-steel beast’s fit and finish are unparalleled … as is its performance. Some of the fine points include bidirectional, X-TAC frontstrap and slide treatment for enhanced grip, rear battle sight and front fiber optic, bull barrel and choice of 9mm, .38 Super and .45 ACP chamberings. MSRP: $4,795

Colt Anaconda

Few things are quite as American as the .44 Magnum and Colt “Snake Guns.” Thankfully, this potent combination returns to the iconic gunmaker’s catalog in 2021 with the release of the highly anticipated Colt Anaconda. The six-round .44 Mag. isn’t a one-on-one clone of the original, instead sharing more with the recently rebooted Python. But the super-sized snake has everything to squeeze every lick of power from the cartridge, including the choice of 8- and 6-inch barrel, redesigned non-stacking double-action trigger, fully adjustable rear sight, Hogue over-molded grips and target-crowned barrel. A brilliant semi-bright finish pulls the whole stainless steel revolver together and makes the Anaconda as appealing as ever. MSRP: $1,499

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the 2021 Made In The USA issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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