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Wilson Combat Releases Colt Python And Anaconda Sights

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Wilson Combat has just released several new front and rear sights for 2020 Colt Python and Anaconda revolvers.

Wilson Combat is well known for its handgun upgrades, offering several different accessories for everything from 1911s to Berettas to Sigs. The company’s newest handgun-enhancing products include several models of front and rear sights for 2020 Colt Python and Anaconda revolvers.

Because Colt’s 2020 rerelease models of the Python and the Anaconda both use the same dovetail sight pattern, all six new models of Wilson Combat sights will fit them. There are two rear sights and four front sights to choose from.

Made of hardened chromoly steel with a black oxide finish, the Wilson Combat rear sights are rugged. Both models are also click-adjustable for windage and elevation. The two versions differ only in their sight pictures, with the square-notch option advertised as the target model and the U-notch option designed for tactical use. Both models are also partially serrated and have radiused edges to help fight glare. The rear sights share an MSRP of $109.95 and Wilson Combat also promises that they are easy to install.

Of the front sight options, there are two fiber optic versions and two gold bead versions. The fiber optic models are available in either red or green and have an MSRP of $39.95. The bead sight models are available with either a gold or a white gold bead and have an MSRP of $75.95. All four have also been designed to be snag-free.

Installation instructions are available on Wilson Combat’s website and all six sights are 100 percent American-made and available now.

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