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First Look: Zeta6 K-PAK Speedloader

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Taking the best from half-moon clips and speedstrips, the K-PAK speedloader rethinks reloading the revolver on the quick.

There are plenty of reasons to still consider a revolver for concealed carry. Expedient reloading is not one of them. No matter how you cut it, traditional wheelgun speed loading systems are either bulky or only a step faster than loading loose rounds. Not exactly enduring traits. Zeta6 may have cured this with the introduction with a slick new revolver speedloader combining the best from two existing systems—the speedstrip and moon clip.

“The inspiration for (the K-PAK) design was the moon clip, used since the early 20th century to quickly reload revolvers,” said Michael Lyle, product designer. “We wanted to make the speedloader completely symmetrical, so the user would not have to think about orientation. For this reason, we pointed the two half-round moon clip patterns in opposite directions creating something that we call an offset strip speedloader.”

Pretty simple and ingenious. The K-PACK arranges six rounds into two equal three-round staggered arcs, similar to two half-moon clips. Only these are laid straight and made out of polyurethane. However, like clips, the speedloader juices three chambers at a time, making it an extremely fast and intuitive system.

Better yet, the K-PAK is next to nothing to carry on person. The loader lays flat in a pocket, adding little to a carry kit and eliminating the need for a pouch or similar carrier. Pretty slick.

There’s a rub (Isn't there always?). The K-PAK is designed for use with six-round, K-frame revolvers chambered in .38 Special and .357 Magnum. The latter aspect is no big deal, the former is, given a great many modern concealed carry revolvers hold five rounds and are generally J-frames. Zeta6 explicitly says the K-PAK will not work with Ruger GP100, Security Six, Service Six, Speed Six revolvers or Smith & Wesson L-frame revolvers. However, it is compatible with:

The K-PAK is interesting, to say the least. And with an MSRP of $11.95 for two, it's probably worth experimenting with if you have a medium-frame six-shooter.

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