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Scope Review: Burris Eliminator III Zeros in Long-Range Shots

The Ruger American rifle mounted with a Burris Eliminator III scope make a deadly combination.
The Burris Eliminator III scope mounted on a Ruger American Rifle makes a deadly combination.

When it comes to laser rangefinder scopes few others keep accuracy in its crosshairs like the Burris Eliminator III.

Laser rangefinding scopes such as the Burris’s Eliminator III aren’t for everybody.

Eastern hunters in particular will likely find little use for a scope that calculates a target’s distance. Shots in most eastern states tend to be within 100 yards and wind is rarely a factor.

However, anyone who hunts the wide open country of the west or who likes to push the limits on steel or paper will find plenty to like in Burris’s Eliminator III scope. It’s a laser rangefinder, a ballistics calculator, wind calculator and scope all in one.

All you have to do is plug in the ballistic coefficient of your bullet and the bullet drop; both are available through Burris or a number of ballistics calculators.

The 4-16x50mm model is pre-programmed with more than 1,500 factory loads and includes a laser range finder that is accurate to 1,200 yards and offers near-instant readings. Simply hold the crosshairs on the target, press a button and the aim-point for a specific load will appear as a lighted dot. The rangefinder button is located on the side of the scope, offering quick access to an instant reading.

Wind calculations are a little more complex but easy enough to figure when time isn’t a factor. Once you plug in the wind data, the scope will calculate the precise windage combined with the elevation and show you exactly where to hold with a lighted dot.

Thanks in part to those built-in electronics, the Eliminator isn’t a featherweight. The heaviest model is 26 ounces and runs on a CR-2 battery, which lasts up to 5,000 readings. It’s adjustable up to 40 minutes-of-angle and has a click value of ¼ MOA at 100 yards. The Eliminator III also comes in 3.5-10x40mm and 4-12x42mm.

This article appeared in the February 11, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.