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Walther PPS M2 Shoots for Comfort, Consistency

The Walther PPS M2 features a number of refinements to the line that should make it a more user-friendly carry option.
The Walther PPS M2 features a number of refinements to the line that should make it a more user-friendly carry option. Photo Walther

In the realm of concealed carry, one style of handgun has dominated headlines in recent years. To be sure, single-stack, striker-fired, polymer pistols have been all the rage in the shooting world. And why not? The design is a convenient and comfortable option for those who plan to carry everyday.

The slim style of handgun, however, is nothing new, despite the recent buzz – just ask Walther. For around a decade, the German gun maker has been churning out a single-stack polymer that has many of the qualities the market has demanded – the PPS. And this year, the company has worked to take the next step with the line by introducing the Walther PPS M2.

Walther has not reinvented the wheel with its new pistol, available in 9mm and .40S&W. Instead, it has refined the striker-fired pistol's original design, making it potentially a more familiar, comfortable and user-friendly concealed carry option.

Of the new features on the 1-inch wide pistol there is one that should go over big with American shooters – the button magazine release. Walther jettisoning the paddle release for a style more common to the U.S. market should make the pistol more intuitive for shooters new to Walther's wares. But opting for the ambidextrous button release does more than make the 21-ounce pistol easier to operate; it also facilitates one of its major ergonomic tweaks.

Doing away with the paddle release has allowed Walther to undercut the PPS M2's trigger guard. This simple bit of engineering facilitates a more solid purchase on the handgun, giving shooters more real estate on the grip.

This should make the gun more comfortable in the palm, helping to eliminate some of the overhang usually associated with compact pistols. And it should add more control over the gun by putting the bore axis more inline with a shooter's arm, thus helping mitigate more of its recoil. Given that the original PPS already had a reputation as a soft shooter, this new feature could make the M2 a real kitten.

Along with a number of new features to the grip, the new PPS M2 also has been outfitted with front cocking serrations and a snappy trigger. Photo Walther

Enhancing the PPS M2's manageability is the addition of Walther's cross-directional grip surface on a ergonomic grip taken from the company's PPQ line. However, Walther has bucked some trends with the M2, doing away with the interchangeable backstrap system found on the original PPS, as well as the accessory rail.

Aside from comfort and control, the company has also attempted to add a element of consistency to the PPS M2. In particular, shooters should find the pistol easier to keep on target with the addition of a much snappier trigger. Walther lists the M2's pull weight at 6.1 pounds and features a short, audible and tactile reset; before, the PPS had a pull anywhere from 6.1 to 10.5 pounds.

Walther did not have a MSRP available at time of writing, but it is being reported that the PPS M2 is retailing for around $469.

Walther PPS M2 Specs
Caliber: 9mm, .40S&W
Barrel Length: 3.18 inches
Width: 1 inch
Weight: 21.1 ounces (empty)
Capacity: 6+1, 7+1, 8+1
Finish: :Tenifer Matte Black

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