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Video: What to Look For When Buying a Kalashnikov Rifle

The AK is one of the most robust firearms designs ever conceived. Quite simply put, there are few things – elements, abuse, operator – that can put it out of action. But despite the hardiness of its design, not all AKs are created equal. As is apparent to anyone who has studied the rifle, its quality and performance can vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer and where its made in the world. But there are some basics rules of thumb that can be followed to help weed out the lemons from the vast selection of AKs available today. Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics (a company that specializes in custom AKs) gives a pretty fair rundown of how to evaluate the rifle in the above video from Tactical Life. And while Fuller touches upon a number of points in assessing an AK, one of the most important is making certain everything on the rifle is in line – literally.

All About the Kalash

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