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Video: Tiger McKee’s Real Fast Pistol Training

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It doesn’t matter if you holster a striker-fire polymer or a good old single-action 1911, there are skills that translate over the entire spectrum of semi-automatic pistols and are musts to learn. Tiger McKee goes over a good cross section of these important pistol manipulations in this video.

The founder of the Shootrite Firearms Academy in Alabama touches on the finer points of loading, reloading and dealing with malfunctions with a semi-auto. The pistol training might seem basic, but these skills are among the most vital for those who shoot and carry this style of firearm.

These are fundamentals everybody should aim at mastering and plan on working into their regular pistol training regime. The great thing is everything McKee covers can be done away from the shooting range. Though, it would be advisable to invest in some snap caps if you plan on going over these at home, just to add an extra layer of safety.

Whether you are a newbie building your skill sets or a veteran looking for a refresher, this video has some solid information. Either way, you’d better get ready to keep up. McKee is on rapid fire in this video, packing a lot of training into 3-minutes.

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