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U.S. Army In The Market For A New Sniper Rifle


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According to Military Times, “The US Army's PM Soldier Weapons has put out a sources sought request over on FedBiz [Federal Business Opportunities, a government agency] looking for sources to manufacture a complete weapon system or reconfigure some or all of the existing 7.62 x 51mm M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) currently available in the Army's inventory.”

The Army has put out specifications for a shorter, lighter rifle than the current SASS. According to the bid document, the Army was “looking to build or convert 125 rifles per month with a capability to ramp up to 325 rifles per month.”

“Reading between the lines, 325 rifles a month is more than they'd need to outfit scout/sniper teams. At that rate, figuring a multi-year contract, that's enough to outfit the DMRs [Designated Marksman Rifle units] Army wide. The logical conclusion is that the Army is looking to replace the venerable M14's latest configuration [called the Enhanced Battle Rifle or EBR] with something more familiar to the current grunt that's smaller, lighter and more easily maintained than the EBR.”

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