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Women Aim for Protection in Concealed Pistol Classes

They were a mixed group of women, from their early 20s to mid-60s, all prepared mentally and emotionally for the next step.

Most had come to learn how to defend themselves. Others feared losing that right some time in the future.

“Get the gun up. Take a breath. Halfway out, hold it, and you will have a nice, steady shot,” Zeidler said in the practiced way of a National Rifle Association-certified gun instructor.

Women take aim at concealed weapon class

The women fired on command, some flinching, some squinting, some closing their eyes, but round after round found the paper targets.

Crissy Klemkosky was smiling when she finished using a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

“I love it,” Klemkosky said. “Last week, I shot with the .22, the 9 millimeter, the .38 and .45. I shot best with the .45. It seemed to fit me.”

Zeidler was not surprised.

“It's the gun with the most knockdown power,” he said. “(The women) are scared in the beginning and start with the .22 and 9 millimeter, but they find out the .45 won't hurt them. It points easy and is fairly accurate. Most say they feel empowered.”

Klemkosky is among 50 women who signed up for the required course to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun in Michigan. The female-only class was sponsored by Great Lakes Outdoors Foundation, a 2-year-old nonprofit organization with Zeidler as executive director. Read more


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