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Stag Arms Introduces 300 Blackout Uppers

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It seems everyday the 300 ACC Blackout moves more and more into the shooting world's mainstream.

In recent years, the relatively new round has enjoyed an explosion of fans enthralled with larger-caliber AR option. Gun and ammunition manufacturers have responded, minting new lines to keep up with demand.

One of the most recent has been Stag Arms. The Connecticut-based manufacturer recently announced it has expanded its line of uppers to include the 300 BLK, which has the potential to be a popular move for the company.

Not only is Stag jumping on the  round's bandwagon, but is doing so at a reasonable price. The new uppers can be purchased in 300 BLK for an additional $50, and are available in three different models – 1, 2, 2T and 3 series. The MSRP for the uppers will run around $595 to $835.

Outside of caliber, the uppers have the same specs as the other Stag models chambered .223/5.56x45mm NATO.

Like its smaller-caliber cousins, the 300 BLK uppers boast 4140 steel barrels that come chrome lined to ensure durability. The barrels are cut to a 1:7 twist rate, allowing them to work with bullet weights common to the caliber. And the direct impingement systems are outfitted with robust magnesium phosphate coated bolt carriers.

The uppers come decked out with an assortment hardware that can easily be upgraded. The 300 BLK models come standard with A2-style flash hiders that can be swapped out for one Stag’s compensators. The uppers also have thermoplastic mil-spec handguards, the system can be changed for a Diamondhead Drop In Versabase or Samson Free Float Rail.

Where Stag goes a little above and beyond is offering the option of some popular accessories. The company gives the option of adding a Steamlight flashlight to an upper and two different optics – EOTech or Trijicon.

While the standard options and extras have the potential to turn a few heads, it's the caliber that should steal the spotlight. There have been a number of new calibers to come out for the AR platform over the past few years, but the 300 BLK has proven the most popular.

Much of the Blackout's fan base has been won by offering a .30 caliber option for the AR, without sacrificing magazine capacity. But the 300 has a couple other facets that has endeared it to its growing public.

One of the most favored aspects of the Blackout is the versatility of its ammunition. The caliber's supersonic rounds are designed to closely match 7.62x39mm ammunition, giving it plenty of stopping-power punch. But it is also eminently suppressible when shooting subsonic rounds, making it a top option with special operations.

There a plenty of reasons why the 300 Blackout has won the hearts of shooters. And with Stag offering an affordable option to own the caliber, the Blackout should only continue to grow in popularity.

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