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SHOT Show New Guns: Glock 42 Video Gallery

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A compilation of the best range test videos of the new Glock 42 from SHOT Show 2014 Media Day at the Range, plus G42 size comparisons and discussion on the release of the pistol in .380 Auto.

Video #1—GLOCK G42 Commercial

Glock's new commercial for the G42 .380. Next video

Video #2—Glock 42 with R. Lee Ermey 2014 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range.

R. Lee Ermey tells us a bit about the brand new single stack Glock 42 chambered in .380. Then get a good sense of the Glock 42's size and recoil as the folks from 702Shooter put a few rounds down range. Next video

Video #3—Glock 42 Size Comparison: Just How Small Is This Thing?

The Precision Gun Reviews team compares the brand new Glock 42 (G42) with the existing Glock subcompact frame – the 27 and 26 – to determine the practical size differences between the two. While the overall dimensions are not greatly reduced, and we would have loved to see the .380 acp pistol shrunken down a little, the gun's width reduction is obvious next to the existing subcompacts, and the weight is especially notable, coming in at 12 or 13 ounces compared to 22 ounces – a little over half the weight. Next video

Video #4—Glock 41 and Glock 42 at the 2014 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range

Youtuber Mike La Putt gets some trigger time on the Glock 42, plus many people wondered why Glock didn't release a single stack 9mm. One of Glock's reps explain why. Next video

Video #5—Glock 42 Review – 42 North Gun Range

Here's some excellent footage from the Elite PS Training Channel putting the Glock 42 through its paces. Next video

Video #6—SHOT Show 2014 Media Day NEW Glock 41 & Glock 42 – FateofDestinee

Youtuber Destinee took some shots with both the Glock 41 and G42 at the range. Next video

Video #7—First Look at the Glock 42 with Massad Ayoob

Mas explains the thinking behind Glock's pocket pistol .380 and where things might be heading. Next video

Video #8—Hickok 45 Glock 42 Review

Last but not least, popular Youtube gun tester Hickok45 provides a thorough and very objective Glock 42 gun test with lots of fun shooting footage to boot.

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