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SHOT Show 2016: Ruger American Pistol

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Daniel Shaw of Funker Tactical speaks with Mark Gurney, Ruger Director of Product Management about the new Ruger American Pistol at SHOT Show 2016.

Inspired by the military's Modular Handgun System specification, the Ruger American Pistol is built to withstand government scrutiny and take a beating.

“You have to envision this being run over by a Hum-Vee and survive it, and come back up fighting,” says Gurney in the video.

Initial offerings are in 9mm and .45 ACP. The handgun — designed with a low bore axis for greater control — comes with three interchangeable grips that allow you to customize backstrap, palm swell and trigger reach.

Speaking of trigger, early reports indicate shooters are impressed with the trigger on the pistol. Gurney explains how Ruger engineers tackled the problem anew in this striker-fired gun to improve the trigger over conventional designs.

As Gun Digest reported here, “The trigger, more specifically its pull, is another feature Ruger touts on its new pistol. With ¼-inch travel to break a shot and positive reset, the handgun should have a light, clean and fast pull. This is in part due to the pistol’s ignition system, which fully cocks the striker upon chambering a round. This means the only work the trigger pull does is to release the sear.”

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